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A curated marketplace of high-end documentaries from public broadcasters and international distributors from around the world, designed to connect quality content and worldwide buyers.

Explore the Benefits of

Curated Catalogue

Quality documentaries produced for the best international broadcasters.

Standardized Licence Agreements

Clear and comprehensive standard licence agreements.

Transparent Licensing

All of the content on features screeners, technical specifications, and right and language availabilities for an informed licencing experience.

Automated Invoicing and Delivery

Fast and reliable content delivery and invoicing ensures quick and smooth delivery.

For Buyers

Quality Curated Content

Choose from a wide selection of films that span across multiple genres, themes, and languages, with many being available as first-run licences.

Standardized Licence Agreements

Clear and comprehensive licence agreement ensure that each licence agreement is accurate and all-encompassing.

Faster Closing

All content pricing and fees are transparent and to fair market value, so buyers can make an informed decision without the need for negotiation.

Transcode to Your Standards

All content is delivered to the buyer’s technical specifications, which means less time from purchase to broadcast.

For Sellers

Flexible Content Listing was designed to create an intuitive solution to complement traditional distribution efforts. Titles can be added or removed as required, and rights and territory availability are determined by the seller and can be modified at any time.

Transparent Pricing features an innovative price matrix that takes the guesswork out of content pricing, and ensures all content is priced at fair market value.

Simple Onboarding and Delivery has a streamlined on-boarding process for all accepted content, that manages everything from QC to delivery to invoicing.

Standardized Licence Agreements features a comprehensive licence agreement that is standard to all content purchased on This ensures that buyers and sellers can save time and money on legal counsel.

A Network of Public Broadcasters and International Distributors is comprised of content from top Public Broadcasters and International Distributors, who have endeavoured to make content readily available to buyers worldwide.

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